Birhanu Legese

Birhanu Legese has recorded some fast times for 10k and 5000m on the track. He ran a fast 27:34 in Morocco in 2013. In 2015 he made his half marathon debut in Berlin where he outsprinted the Kenyans and won in 59:45, which is one of the fastest times ever recorded by a debutant. Later that year he won Airtel Delhi Half Marathon in a trilling sprint against compatriot Mosinet Geremew, WR Holder Half Marathon Zersenay Tadesse and two strong of Kenya’s strong road racers both Edwin Kiptoo and Jonathan Maiyo. His 59.20 PB he set in Delhi that year also was the 3rd fastest time of 2015. Birhanu made his marathon debut in Dubai this year, clocking one of the fastest debuts ever.

year event rank time
2018 Chicago Marathon 10th 2:08:41
2018 TCS Bengaluru 10km 2nd 28:38
2018 Dubai Marathon 6th 2:04.15
2017 Airtel Delhi half marathon 1st 59:46
2017 Dam tot Damloop 10EM 1st 45:38
2017 TCS Bangalore 10km 5th 28:36
2016 RAK Half Marathon 1st 60:40
2015 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 1st 59:20
2015 Berlin Half Marathon 1st 59:45
2014 Diamond League Shanghai 5.000m 6th 13:08.88
2013 TCS World 10k Bangalore 3rd 28:16
2013 Taroudant 10k 2nd 27:34
2012 Great Ethiopian Run 10k 2nd 28:41
Eric Kiptanui

Former 1.500m runner Eric Kiptanui is coached by Renato Canova. Under his guidens he realized early on in his career that he doesn’t have the real high speed to be a top competitor over 1.500m in the world. They therefore took 2 years of intense training focused on road races ultimately the half marathon distance which, since his impressive win and debut in Lisbon during a very windy half marathon proved to be a good decision. In Berlin he set the current 3rd fastest time of 2018 (and 6th all-time rankings).

year event rank time
2018 Berlin Half Marathon 1st 58:42
2018 Lisbon Half Marathon 1st 60:05
2017 San Silvestre Madrid 1st 27:34
2017 Iten Cross Country 2nd -
2016 African Championships 1.500m 7th 3:43.81
2016 Kenyan Championships 1.500m 3rd 3:37.73
Augustino Sulle

Training in Arusha with a small group of athletes Augustino started his career competing mostly in Brazil. In 2017 he made the step to compete in Europe and made his marathon debut in Amsterdam in a very good way qualifying himself for the 2018 Commonwealth Games Marathon. Unfortunately he was injured and didn’t make it to the CWG. He had a strong comeback in Toronto finishing 2nd in a new Tanzanian Record in only his 2nd marathon so far.

year event rank time
2018 Toronto Marathon 2nd 2:07.46 NR
2017 Kolkata 25km 3rd 1:14:41
2017 Amsterdam Marathon 15th 2:10:01
2017 Rio de Janeiro 10Km 3rd 29:42
2017 Jever Funlauf 10 Miles 2nd 47:32
2016 Brasilia Half Marathon 1st 1:03.43
2016 Brasilia Circuito Caixa 10km 1st 29:40
Amos Kipruto

Amos started training in 2010 when he was in primary school. His teacher told him he was talented, competing he was motivated by finish top 3 several times and he decided to focus on running but doing his studies besides as well. In 2013 he meet coach Claudio Bernadelli, who started to train more seriously with Amos and he started to focus on running solely. In 2014 he had a first shot at a race in Istanbul over 15km which he won. That was the start of his career and soon he turned to marathon running. He is married with his wife Janeth and together they have twin girls Joy an Joyline.

year event rank time
2018 Berlin Marathon 2nd 2:06:23
2018 Tokyo Marathon 3rd 2:06:33
2017 Amsterdam Marathon 5th 2:05:43
2017 Göteborg Half Marathon 2nd 60:24
2017 Seoul International Marathon 1st 2:05:54
2016 Rome Marathon 1st 2:08:12
Shumi Dechasa

Shumi Dechasa realized he was talented after running 20km between school and home every day and so he started running in 2005. He trains in the mountains around Addis Ababa. He made his marathon debut in the 2012 Hamburg marathon and was the winner of the 2014 edition in his current personal best. Shumi is married to marathon athlete Shitaye Eshete and has a brother who is also a runner. Shumi was inspired by watching Kenenisa Bekele run and trains together with Guye Adola. Apart from running Shumi likes horse riding and running a small poultry farm.

year event rank time
2018 Mumbai Marathon 4th 2:12:24
2017 London World Championships 15th 2:15:08
2017 Stockholm Marathon 8th 2:15:35
2015 Beijing World Championships 5th 2:14:35
2015 Tokyo Marathon 4th 2:07:20
2014 Hamburg Marathon 1st 2:06:43
2014 Dubai Marathon 6th 2:07:13
2013 Seoul Marathon 2nd 2:07:12
2012 Hamburg Marathon 4th 2:07:56
Robert Chemonges

Soft spoken and polite are two things which characterize Robert. Robert hails from a large family of talented runners, among them also World Junior Cross Champion Jacob Kiplimo. Robert is the first from the family to take up international running and stepped to marathon on a young age. He so far has been very successful doing so, winning 3 out of 5 marathons. Latest marathon victory was in Porto last November beating the Course Record.

year event rank time
2018 MTN Kampala Half Marathon 1st 63:31
2018 Porto Marathon 1st 2:09:05 CR
2017 MTN Kampala Half Marathon 1st 64:31
2017 World Championships Marathon 43rd 2:21:24
2017 Dusseldorf Marathon 1st 2:10:32
2016 Ljubljana Marathon 7th 2:11:04
2016 Trieste Marathon 6th 2:11:45
2016 World Half Marathon Championships 21st 63:39
2015 World Junior Cross Championships 26th -
Samson Gebreyohannes

Samson comes from a big family with 5 brothers and 2 sisters. He is a found fan of Eritrean music and dance. Every Sunday morning, early in the morning he goes to church before starting his morning run. He’s also known for his cooking skills.

year event rank time
2018 Boulder Bolder 10km 12th 29:42
2017 World Cross Country Championships 32nd -
2017 Houston Half Marathon 6th 62:12
2016 World Half Marathon Championships 24th 64:03
2016 Houston Half Marathon 3rd 61:28
2015 All African Games Half Marathon 4th 64:14
2015 Prague Half Marathon 12th 61:20
2014 World Half Marathon Championships 8th 60:14
Nathan Ayeko

Part of the Ugandan Police Force Club in Kapchorwa, Nathan is a close friend and training partner to the Ugandan National Recordholder Moses Kurong (59.50). Nathan represented the national team on one occasion in 2012 at the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships in the heat of Kavarna (Bulgaria) he managed to finish a strong 19th. Some years of injuries and no opportunities followed the tall Ugandan until 2017 when he got a chance back to race on the international stage by competing in France at the Le Lion Half Marathon in September finishing 4th.

year event rank time
2018 Maputo Half Marathon 4th 63:09
2018 Azkoitia Azpeitia Half Marathon 7th 62:17
2017 Le Lion Half Marathon Belfort 4th 61:50
2017 Ugandan Championships 10.000m 5th 28:56,61
2013 Kigali Half Marathon 3rd 62:04
2012 World Half Marathon Championships 19th 63:54
Fentahun Hunegnaw

Fentahun trains close to the Ethiopian capital Addis Abeba. He trains in the Sendafa region at 2600m altitude. He set his half marathon PB back in 2015 during the Berlin half marathon. After that performance Fentahun suffered from some injuries which kept him out of competing for some time. Now he’s back training fully and looking forward to his return on the streets of Kolkata to tackle the 25km which will be his longest distance ever in competition.

year event rank time
2017 Dam tot Damloop 10EM 8TH 46:33
2016 Yangzhou Half Marathon 6th 61:21
2015 All African Games Half Marathon 7th 65:27
2015 Berlin Half Marathon 6th 60:10
2015 Barcelona Half Marathon 5th 61:18
2014 Paderborn Osterlauf Half Marathon 1st 62:16
Bayelign Yegsaw


year event rank time
2018 Marugame Half Marathon 5th 61:43
2017 World Junior Cross Championships 12th -


Degitu Azimeraw

Only little was known about Degitu, when she competed in 1st international competition a year ago in Kolkata. She surprised the world by defeating a talented field of seasoned and upcoming talent. She is training with Meseret Defar in Ethiopia for two years now and after her breakthrough win in December 2017 had a very strong 2018 campaign.

year event rank time
2018 Bogota Half Marathon 3rd 74:51
2018 Gifu Half Marathon 1st 69:53
2018 RAK Half Marathon 6th 66:47
2017 Kolkata 25km 1st 1:26:01
2017 Addis Ababa 5km 1st 15:54
Florence Kiplagat

Florence Jebet Kiplagat is a Kenyan long-distance athlete. She is a two-time World Champion having won at the 2009 IAAF World Cross Country Championships and the 2010 IAAF World Half Marathon Championships. In 2009 she ran 30.11 in a 10.000m race in the Netherlands, which is still the Kenyan national record. Florence Kiplagat won her debut marathon in Berlin in 2011 in a time of 2:19:44. She returned to the German capital in 2013 to win again.

In 2014 she shocked the world by smashing the World Record for the half marathon by 38 seconds and finished in 1:05:12. Only one year later she broke the Record again by running 1:05:09 in Barcelona.

year event rank time
2018 Chicago Marathon 4th 2:26:08
2017 London Marathon 9th 2:26:25
2017 Barcelona Half Marathon 1st 68:15
2016 Chicago Marathon 1st 2:21:32
2016 London Marathon 3rd 2:23:39
2015 Chicago Marathon 1st 2:23:33
2015 London Marathon 5th 2:24:15
2015 Barcelona Half Marathon 1st 65:09 WR
2014 Chicago Marathon 3rd 2:25:57
2014 London Marathon 2nd 2:20:24
2014 Barcelona Half Marathon 1st 65:12 WR
2013 Delhi Half Marathon 1st 68:00
2013 Berlin Marathon 1st 2:21:13
2013 RAK Half Marathon 5th 67:13
2012 Eugene Diamond League 10.000m 2nd 30:24.85
2012 London Marathon 4th 2:20:57
2012 Rome-Ostia Half Marathon 1st 66:38
2011 Berlin Marathon 1st 2:19:44
Failuna Matanga

After starting her career competing in Brazil for a couple of years, Failuna made her breakthrough this year. 2017 was a year full off highlights for the young Tanzanian runner competing in two world championships, making her marathon debut in Amsterdam and taking 3rd in the Kolkata 25km.

year event rank time
2018 Cape Town Marathon 2nd 2:29:59
2018 Commonwealth Games 10.000m 12th 32:22.09
2018 Barcelona Half Marathon 5th 69:36
2017 Kolkata 25km 3rd 1:26:11
2017 Amsterdam Marathon 10th 2:34.12
2017 World Championships 10.000m 23rd 32:29.97
2017 FBK Games Hengelo 10.000m 9th 31:47.37
2017 TCS Bangalore 10km 7th 33:32
2017 World Championships Cross 16th -
Dibaba Kuma

Younger sister to Internationally known marathoner Abera Kuma, Dibabe got her shot at an international career in 2015 winning her 1st international appearance in a 10km in Holland. Last year Dibaba also competed in Kolkata 25km finishing 4th.

year event rank time
2018 Ljubljana Marathon 3rd 2:23:34
2018 Barcelona Half Marathon 2nd 68:37
2018 Dam tot Damloop 10EM 2nd 50:46
2017 Kolkata 25km 4th 1:26:28
2017 Barcelona Half Marathon 2nd 1:09:49
2017 Göteborg Marathon 5th 1:12:01
2016 Paris Half Marathon 1st 1:09:18
2016 Kopenhagen Half Marathon 7th 1:10:47
2016 Barcelona Half Marathon 1st 1:09:19
2016 Göteborg Marathon 5th 1:12:15
Sutume Asefa


year event rank time
2018 Ljubljana Marathon 7th 2:29:45
2018 Stramilano Half Marathon 1st 67:54
2017 Toronto Marathon 2nd 2:29:26
2017 Karlovy Vary Half Marathon 2nd 68:40
2017 Yangzhou Half Marathon 1st 70:30
2016 Rotterdam Marathon 2nd 2:28:04
2016 Dubai Marathon 4th 2:24:00
2015 Copenhagen Half Marathon 2nd 68:47
2015 Berlin 25km 1st 1:21:55
2015 Berlin 10km 3rd 31:11
Ftaw Zeray


year event rank time
2018 Marugame Half Marathon 3rd 70:31
2016 Helong Half Marathon 4th 76:20
2017 Cross de l'Acier 9th -
Linet Toroitich

Is married with Kenyan top athlete Simon Cheprot (6th World half 2016 and 59.20 half marathon runner) and is a mother to two children. Linet recent performances include a win in the competitive MTN Kampala half marathon which is run at high altitude and under hot and humid conditions.

year event rank time
2018 MTN Kampala Half Marathon 1st 76:08
2018 Commonwealth Half Marathon Championships 4th 71:52
2018 African Cross Championships 14th -
2015 Ugandan Championships 10.000m 3rd 34:34,72
2017 Commonwealth Games 10.000m 6th 32:41,95
2014 African Championships Cross 9th -
Hawi Megersa

Hawi Megersa was born in Bekoji, Oromia region and she likes training on tarmac. A training that covers 20km at 2600m altitude in Sendafa, close to Addis Abeba. Her inspiration and hero is Tirunesh Dibaba. Hawi has 4 sisters and two brothers and her younger sister is also an athlete. In 2018 she ran a half marathon pb in Egmond half marathon, a tough race with 7km over the beach. She improved by over 2 minutes in Azkoitia 2 months later.

year event rank time
2018 Madrid Half Marathon 3rd 73:07
2018 Azkoitia Azpeitia 1st 70:24
2018 Egmond Half Marathon 5th 72:51